Being Go Green isn’t only about

being natural
it’s being more healthy

with an innovative concept

Innovative Concepts

Being Go Green isn’t only about being natural it’s being more healthy with an innovative concept.

The wide range of products is certified and regularly subject to the most stringent quality and safety tests according with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


is an innovative solution that fuses in the same blister, liquid and solid pharmaceutical forms that makes possible to combine an ampoule with a capsule.

Higher Active Stability

Avoids incompatibilities between ingredients, ensuring product stability.
More resistant to light and transfers than traditional glass. Thicker and stronger – don’t break.

Dosage Optimization

The concentrations of the active substances can be increase to truly effective doses.


Reduces dosing errors and missed doses.


Easy to use and portable – due to is compact size can be easily carried anywhere.


SelfCapsTM – Self Emulsified Lipid Formulation Capsules – are a revolutionary oral pharmaceutical form that offers a perfect oral absorption and maximizes the effectiveness.

a unique potential compared to conventional and traditional pharmaceutical forms.

Some of the main advantages of SelfCaps are the increase of the bioavailability of the active ingredients, the faster onset of action, the optimization of dosages and the fact that it doesn’t cause any harm to the gastrointestinal tract.

Bioavailability Increase and Optimization

Facilitate the absorption of the active ingredient through the intestine wall.
More efficient and allows greater quantities of active ingredient absorbed,
After the absorption the active ingredient pass directly into lymphatic circulation avoiding the bloodstream.

Fast Onset of Action

Is a desirable effect for any food supplement because is a determining factor in the effectiveness. For example a traditional form that normally acts in 30minutes could act only in 15minutes, and in other hand the effects could begin to be felt after one week instead of one month.

Dosage Optimisation

Lower concentration of a main active ingredient can achieve similar or higher effectiveness than a traditional more concentrated formulation.

No Gastric Aggression

The main active ingredient doesn’t cause gastric aggression and isn’t degraded by gastrointestinal fluids. So, it’s possible to protect both, the stomach and the main active ingredient!

Technical Data

SelfCapsTM are hard or soft capsules that carry liquid or semi-solid formulations of a self-emulsifying type – formulations with the capacity to form micro or nanoemulsions when they come in contact with the aqueous environment of the gastrointestinal tract. Offer recognised effectiveness and therapeutically benefits to the consumer.


Go Green Teas & Infusions

Go Green presents itself as a pioneer in the world of Functional Teas, being the first range of teas and infusions to include EFSA – European Food Safety Authority – approved health claims.

And why

Go Green associates the benefits of traditional plants to the advantages of bioactive ingredients such as Vitamins and Minerals!

The beneficial effects of these bioactive ingredients are approved by EFSA in the maintenance of health and general well-being as well as in solving specific health problems.

It’s a pharmaceutical quality range of functional Teas and Infusions that have also a secret.

QNPTM - Quantified Nitrogen Protection

Contact with oxygen is the primary cause of degradation of active substances, over the time, this degradation significantly alters the efficacy and stability profile of the product.

QNPTM – Quantified Nitrogen Protection – create a unique protective nitrogen atmosphere. This technology ensures that the right amount of nitrogen is injected to effectively protect the active ingredients and that the level is measured after the ampoule or capsule are sealed.

QNPTM ensures greater and more stability, half-life, shelf-life and efficacy of the product.

SBSTM - Safety Band System

SBSTM – Safety Band System – is a special capsule closing system that reflect several benefits, such as:

  • Prevention of leakage of the contents of the capsule
  • Reduction of oxygen permeability
  • Stanching evidence
  • Guarantee that the capsule doesn’t open during swallowing

SBSTM is the only process that offers guarantees to obtain capsules stanch and intact.