Gastrointestinal, Stickpack

Digestive disorders are one of the major problems that affect people quite often and that more impact generate in their quality of life.

Cyliver Digest is a fast and effective supplement, and of particular interest to people who suffer from digestive disorders associated with stress and bad eating habits that modern times have imposed on most people.

Cyliver Digest has great digestive and intestinal activity. Its effectiveness is due to the combination of various digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotic, which assist the digestive tract, the correct digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as in the recovery of a healthy intestinal flora.

  • Slow digestive process;
  • Bloated feeling after large meals;
  • Meteorism and flatulence;
  • All kinds of diarrhea (infectious, traveller, by taking prolonged antibiotics …);
  • Constipation;
  • Intolerances and food allergies;
  • Inflammatory bowel disease;
  • Irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Liver dysfunction;
  • People without gallbladder;
  • Hyperprotein diets.
Daily dosage 15 STiCKPACK
Total dosages packed 15 Doses
Ingredients Daily dosage % NRV
Inulin 1000mg *
Extract of Diastasic Malt 200mg *
Bromelain 80mg (48000 USP) *
Soybean Protein (Glycina max) 50mg *
Lactobacillus acidophilus 1×109 UFC *
Lactobacillus caseis 1×109 UFC *
Bifidobacterium bifidum 1×109 UFC *
Papain 8,3mg (50000 USP) *
*NRV (nutrient reference values) not established.

Dissolving a StickPack in 100ml of water, let it stand for 1-2 minutes and take after the meal.

15 StickPack.