Being Go Green isn’t only about

being natural
it’s being more healthy

with an innovative concept

Go Green Ambition

Being Go Green isn’t only about being natural,
it’s being more healthy with an innovative concept.
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Our commitment

Go Green it’s an international brand of Nutridil, a company with 31 years on the market that is always looking on the credibility gained over the years, complemented now by offering the most innovative products.

innovative concepts

Our Products

Specialized in health and wellness, Go Green is dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of nutraceuticals products, focused on customer needs. Based on this, our portfolio is focus on two core areas, modern and differentiating concepts.

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We want to add value to the companies! Offer integrated and turnkey solutions adapted to each client profile and market sector to develop successful and long term partnerships.

Specific Pathologies


Go Green Kefir is the perfect solution for those wanting to enjoy the benefits of Kefir without the complications of having to prepare it and consume a fermented drink.

Go Green Kefir contains no lactose, plus it is low on calories.


Flexin Rapid

Perluxan® is a Standardized Extract of Hop. Rich in 80% alpha acids and iso-alpha, these acids are potent inhibitors of the chemicals that are the source of pain.

Perluxan® is a patented extract, clinically proven for fast and effective relief of joint pain.

Functional Teas

Hepatic Booster

Go Green have a range of Teas & Infusions with the benefits of traditional plants and the advantages of vitamins and minerals conceived to give health. More than that: It’s a range were we can CLAIM it!

Teas & Infusions with approved Heath Claims by EFSA.

Memory and Concentration


The brain is constantly being attacked by various factors of our lifestyle including environmental pollution, internal toxicity, stress and a lack of proper diet and nutrients.

Cognizin® (Citicoline) may help combat the ravages of these effects by stimulating the nervous system process to maintain optimum sustainability of the molecular environment of the brain enabling us to retain our ability to think cognitively and improve our memories.

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Go Green Nutrition

Specialized in health and wellness.

Focused on customer needs.

Modern and differentiating concepts.

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